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PAT Testing Lancaster are specialists in Portable Appliance Testing and provide a fast, reliable and professional service at great prices to companies, educational institutions, landlords, hotels and many other types of organizations across Lancaster and surrounding areas of Lancashire and the Northwest.

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Frequently asked PAT testing questions :

Q, What does PAT stand for?

PAT is an abbreviation of Portable Appliance Testing.

Q, What is a portable appliance?

A portable appliance is an item of equipment which is not part of a fixed installation but is, or is intended to be, connected to a fixed installation, or a generator, by means of a flexible cable and a plug and socket. In layman's terms this means that any item with a plug is Portable Appliance. This would include kettles, Microwaves, PCs, printers, monitors, extension leads and even some large items such as vending machines, fridges and photocopiers.

Who needs to have PAT testing carried out?

The Electricity at Work Regulations (1989) placed a Legal responsibility on employers, suppliers and hire companies etc to take reasonable steps to ensure that no danger results from the use of electrical equipment. This means all Portable Appliances at your place of work have to be regularly tested to ensure they are safe.

How often do my appliances need to be PAT tested?

There is no specific set period only guidelines to help. The frequency of testing depends on the type of equipment and the area in which it is used. It is the responsibility of the employer to assess the risks involved and implement their own program of testing. Most businesses opt for testing of all equipment on an annual basis to ensure conformity.

Do we have to unplug our equipment for it to be PAT tested ?

Yes. In order to electrically test the equipment it needs to be disconnected from the mains and plugged into the testing device.

Are there any implications for our I. T. equipment?

No. The seaward PAT test equipment that PAT testing Lancaster use has been adopted to ensure that no damage can be done to equipment during the test process.

What about our servers and other equipment that can't be turned off?

In environments where it is not possible to turn equipment on and off such as server rooms, it is possible for a visual inspection to be carried out.

How long will the PAT testing take?

Obviously this will depend on the number of appliances in your building, how easily accessible they are and how many delays if any there are. A normal workstation with a computer, printer and extension lead would typically take around 10 minutes to test and reconnect.

What happens if an item fails the PAT test?

Most failures are found during the initial visual inspection i.e. a cracked plug, a split in the lead or an exposed part of the appliance. Small repairs will be carried out during the course of testing, however other failures that cannot be fixed in a short space of time will have the plug removed, have a RED label with the reason for failing and be taken out of service to eliminate the danger from everyone that uses the appliance. The person our engineer is dealing with will also be told of the fault and the item.

Do microwave need a special test?

Microwave emissions testing can be carried out by our engineers, see price list for details.

How are the PAT tests recorded?

All appliances that are PAT tested will be given a unique form of identification. This will be in the form of an adhesive label. These include an individual asset number, the date tested, the next test due date and the name (initials) of the test engineer that carried out the PAT testing.

We also provide an asset list to compair test and appliance with and also a Portable Appliance Test Certificate to display.

If necessary we can also provide test results for each individual PAT test, these will be sent via email.